Mike & Cara Gangloff​/​Pelt split 10​-​inch

by Mike & Cara Gangloff with Matt Peyton / Pelt

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    We got another box of these shipped over from the UK -- the first 10-inch record we've done! Issued by MIE to celebrate the Pelt/Mike Gangloff & Matt Peyton shows in Europe in February, this turned into a mini-map of recent musical doings -- the Pelt side is drawn from a string-heavy section of a 2013 show at L'Oblique in Montreal, with Sally Anne Morgan of House & Land and Black Twig Pickers adding her fiddle to the mix; the Mike & Cara with Matt side is taken from new recordings and is probably our best, most cohesive foray yet. Quantities are very limited, but MIE has downloads (and some additional physical copies) (we're not allowed to post link here but will try to put it elsewhere or ... you know, you can Google it)

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A limited-edition split record celebrating recent Europe shows. We brought a few copies back with us and would love to share them with you. MIE has downloads and some more physical copies at the MIE website --


released March 8, 2017

Mike Gangloff: bouzouki, fiddle, singing bowl, sruti box
Cara Gangloff: tenor guitar, vocal, sruti box, singing bowl
Matt Peyton: dulcimer, sruti box, theremin

Pelt: Mike Gangloff, Patrick Best, Nathan Bowles, Mikel Dimmick, with Sally Anne Morgan

Thanks to Joe Dejarnette for helping with mixing, Harris Newman for recording Pelt side, and Patrick Klem for mastering

Mike & Cara side copyright 2016 Shovel Rock/Carapaced
Pelt side copyright 2013/2016 Voyages of Polar Exploration



Mike & Cara Gangloff Ironto, Virginia

Mike -- fiddler, banjoist, longtime sonic voyager with Pelt, Black Twig Pickers and more;

Cara -- jazz-singing folk-strummer who put music aside for a few decades to focus on the rest of life...then picked it back up when she met Mike;

Together: A peculiar and personal blend of the traditional and the much less so; incantation plus improvisation = joy
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